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Here are some comments and feedback received from customers who recently bought - or in some cases tested and reviewed - our Great Canadian Dog Rope leashes.

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I highly recommend these leashes!!!

It's so easy on the hands when the dogs switch around or pull - cause an animal ran across our path. I love my new leashes.

(4 x Classic Leashes)

Just Outstanding.

Been using it for 6 weeks. Not only is my brother going to order one now, but my cousin as well.

(1 x Classic Leash . . . so far)

I Love this Leash!

I have many leashes, honestly about 30+ we do lots of different types of training and i need a durable, easy, lightweight leash, this leash provides just the right amount of length, the weight is light enough that its not dragging on the ground, but its also heavy enough that my dogs felt the pressure.

I have only had it for 4 days now, and have used it on a rescue dog, and on my dog doing our detection training and bite well as played at the park, it has worked so far for every situation, its also small enough that i can keep it in my purse which i love. I'm going to buy a few and I'm going to recommend them to everyone!

(3 x Lite Leashes)

This leash is so beautiful and sturdy.

It's so pretty and well made. Working with Great Canadian Dog Rope Company was a pleasure. I needed to return the leash because it was too heavy duty for my medium sized dog and instead of the hassle of mailing it back to Canada, they offered to ship me a free replacement leash of lighter weight! They truly care about customer satisfaction.

(1 x Classic Leash - exchanged for a Lite)

Exceptional quality and value for the money.

I got my leashes the other day and tried one out on the neighbour's Rottweiler. He had the best walk of his life. Thanks

(2 x Classic Leashes)

Great length, great handle and it's sturdy for big dogs.

Just took a one hour walk with your new leashes. Love the length and how they handle. The clamp acts as a natural weight to the leash which I like so it doesn't blow in the wind and wrap around the dog. (like lighter leashes). Thank-you @Nick.

(1 x Classic Leash)

We love it!


(1 x Classic Leash)