Great Canadian Dog Rope Company

Choosing a Dog Leash

Finding the best (and safest) leash for your pet is not always an easy task. Have a look through any pet store or browse online and the choice or styles, colours and suggestions presented can be overwhelming.

You want something that is comfortable, safe, reliable and easy to use.

First some bad news . . . 

So called "retractable leashes" are neither safe nor reliable for either the owner or their pet. They may seem like a good idea and are popular with many dog owners - but unfortunately (aside from obvious concerns over failure of the spring mechanism or poor control off your dog) - these leashes have many other drawbacks and can even be dangerous. Just type "retractable leash dangers"  into any search engine for more details and information.


To keep your dog attentive and in position during walks, a good quality leash of 4 to 6 feet is usually best.  Any length over 8 feet should only be used for training purposes or in wide open spaces, definitely not in urban areas.

The GREAT CANADIAN DOG ROPE COMPANY make leashes from high quality materials in 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot lengths. We recommend 5' for most people. Custom sizes and special jobs can be done on request.


These days, unless the dog is a real "chewer" - few have the need for heavy leashes made of actual metal or chain links.

Leather is a popular choice, but it can be expensive, holds water and weakens with age and exposure to the elements.

Nylon presents an inexpensive alternative but is prone to hardening over time and can lead to cuts or leash burn if your dog pulls or unexpectedly lunges forward.  It can be difficult to grab onto, especially with the flat "ribbon" style.

Our leashes are made of 1/2 inch "Derby rope".  It is very soft and pliable, lightweight, tangle-free and waterproof as well as UV resistant.

Derby Rope is a special solid braid manufactured from multifilament polypropylene yarn. Colours are mixed into the fiber while being extruded, not dyed onto it after production. It's widely used for horse halters and leads, and as a decorative barrier rope in theaters, banks or anywhere crowd control is needed. (1800 lbs break strength and 260 lb working load)  


It is very important to have a reliable connector on the leash for attaching to your dog's collar.

Hooks or clips should be strong, smooth and easy to open or close, while preventing accidental openings.  Many hooks look impressive but do not work reliably under all conditions or the mechanisms wear out and fail over time.

Our heavy duty, all brass clips give you the security and confidence you need.  They are comfortable to use and easy to quickly connect or disconnect.


Bottom line is that you should be looking for a durable leash that is reasonably priced, comfortable to use, easy to attach and release (or to knot for tying down your dog), convenient to store or carry - and being attractive never hurts.

Try one of our "Dog Rope Leashes" - it may be just what you are looking for.